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Hamilton-Madison House has been serving downtown NYC since 1898 providing opportunities to all ages in the community. We provide services to more than 10,000 children and adults in our community each year. Early Childhood, Youth Services, Music School, Behavioral Health & Community Services, and multiple programs for Older Adults.
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Since 1964 Hamilton-Madison House has been committed to providing high-quality early care and education to children and families in our community. Our evidence-based Early Childhood Services programs include NYC 3K,  NYC PreK for All, Head Start, Child Care, Family Child Care Network, and private fee-based day care. Our Early Care and Education Programs prepare children to excel in in the primary grades cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally.

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Early Childhood Philosophy on Learning

Learning in the early years

Babies are born ready to learn. They need a warm, responsive, supportive, and stimulating environment at home to start them off learning from day one. Talk to your baby, show them things in the environment, respond to their vocalizations, give them items to explore, and provide them with a variety of environments-in their crib, on a mat on the ground, sitting up in a baby safe chair with the family, and include them in the conversation.
Our educational philosophy is based on the understanding of the ways in which young children learn best. Referred to as the “developmental-interaction approach,” Hamilton- Madison House early care and educations program supports the needs, interests and developmental tasks of young children and emphasizes the interaction between the learning child and the social and physical environment. Providing children with the opportunity to explore and learn about the diversity of their community, and building on children’s strengths are key components, and HMH creates welcoming, homelike environments to ensure that both children and adults feel comfortable and secure.



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Our Family Child Care ​Network works with OCFS licensed Providers in home-based settings providing care for children between the birth to 3 years old. We recruit, train and monitor family child care providers to ensure safe and nurturing environments conducive to high quality developmentally appropriate learning.

Cynthia Robinson-Williams

Senior Education Director

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Gladimir Pimentel

Family Child Care Network Director

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Jinny Zhong

Program Operations Director

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Leslie Thornton

Education Director

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